Roberto A. Foglietta

General information

Born: 1974,Genova, Italy
Languages: Italian as mother tongue, English fluent, French.
Education: Science Bachelor Degree in Physic + 1st level Master in Free Software and Open Source Technology.
Status: single available to move abroad and/or to accept job position for those has been required travelling.
Contact: me(at), (+39) 349.33.30.697

Linux kernel

Pretty all the source software related to kernel space at which I worked in the past is not publicly available except for which is related to my master thesis.
Any company which would like to employ or hire me to work on the Linux would be highly preferred if they would grant to me the right to release modified source code under GPL.

Master thesis:

This is my 1st level master thesis (in Italian) about electric gears control by real time ethernet

Kernel space source patches

These patches was used in order to work on my thesis with my previous notebook running Mandriva LE 2005.

Patch porting made in order to use RTAI with kernel 2.6.12.-19mdk

Patch and config for RTAI in order to work on my laptop

Patch and config for RTNET in order to work on my laptop + develop of rtmac/nomac module in order to accomplish the communication task

Software integration

There were a time in which a man should develop its own text editor. Thanks to those men, I am able to find enough open source software to assemble my own system.

ugles: micro graphic Linux embedded system

In brief this project aim to develop a end-user product using buildroot as building environment. This building environment has never had a stable release and it still buggy and under heavy development. I choose to start this project because the challenge is doing software integration with a building environment which evolve rapidly during the integration process. This is the same situation in which I was involved in last project for Ericsson. In that case both the building environment development and the software integration was under my control. In this case only the software integration is under my control while the environment is community driven.

Software development

Once a time I had to show people I am able to develop software autonomously but at this time I have no any programming oriented project active any more because my clients or employer ask me to be able to deliver entire products, solutions and/or to be involved in team work which means able to cope with others people code. There is some very old code on my web site which probably is not aligned my programming skills any more. However some of them are still be good enough to be presented as technical exercises.

Chat and socket library

The first example is based on a C++ socket library I wrote in 2002 reading a Linux Gazette article. It has been used to prepare a server-client example for my networks course exam in 2006:

XML archive utility

The second example is an XML archiving utility which has been written for (put the reference). The main file has been written in pure C Language but it has a C++ file name extension in order to force Anjuta to threat it as it would be a C++ project:

For both of these software documentation exists only in Italian language. It has been written in order to present the faced problem and the proposed solution during the exams not to be used by end users or other developers.

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