ugles 0.1

Last stable 0.1.x version is ugles 0.1.1

ugles 0.1

ATTENTION: in version 0.1 these bugs have been discovered:

  • The resolution 800x480 support for eeepc was broken in ugles 0.1 because 915resolution has been compiled for the host instead the target system.
  • X server Resolution would stay fix at 640x480 until /root/.xserverrc exists: go to console, remove it and call startx

To upgrade the buildroot environment from ugles 0.1 to 0.1.1 please apply this patch instead the previous or do these changes manually:

vi package/915resolution/
1,$ s,$(MAKE),$(MAKE) CC=$(TARGET_CC),
make -C build_i586/915resolution-0.5.3 clean
pushd project_build_i586/ugles/root
rm -f root/.x*
tmp="$(sed -e "s,800x480x24bpp,800x480x16bpp," etc/init.d/S90Xserver)"
echo "$tmp" >etc/init.d/S90Xserver

ATTENTION: not all these changes are permanent. They are useful to have a fast fix of version 0.1 only.

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