ugles 0.1.2


Detailed descriptions about building this version are contained into ugles 0.1.1 page.


In relation the previous version these following are the changes:

  • Download buildroot from svn in release 23989 {2008-11-10}
  • Download and use this patch for buildroot enviroment
  • All X servers except Xvesa are removed by default
  • All /etc/init.d/S* scripts are executable by default
  • Doing rm -f project_build_i586/ugles/root/root/.x* is not needed any more
  • Doing make 915resolution-clean is not needed any more

Rebuilding time

These times have been written here for statistical reasons, only the first one is useful to go from ugles 0.1.1 to 0.1.2

roberto@rafbook:~/gles/buildroot$ rm -rf project_build_i586 build_i586
roberto@rafbook:~/gles/buildroot$ time make

real    78m12.850s
user    44m38.227s
sys    10m12.266s

roberto@rafbook:~/gles/buildroot$ make rootclean
roberto@rafbook:~/gles/buildroot$ time make install

real    5m23.263s
user    0m59.460s
sys    0m25.830s

roberto@rafbook:~/gles/buildroot$ time make

real    0m32.424s
user    0m10.033s
sys    0m1.684s
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