ugles 0.1.3


Detailed descriptions about building this version are contained into ugles 0.1.1 page.

This project is the top half of ugles initramfs 0.1.3.


In relation the previous version these following are the changes into the buildroot section:

  • Download buildroot from svn in release 24119 {2008-11-22}
  • Download this file buildroot_configs-ugles.tar.bz2 into buildroot/dl directory
  • Download this file buildroot_rootfs-ugles.tar.gz into buildroot/dl directory
  • Enter into buildroot directory and apply the local/ugles/ugles.svnpatch patch
  • If make stops on libjpeg error then #undef NEED_BSD_STRINGS in jconfig.h and do make again
  • Customizing the root filesystem is not any more necessary
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