ugles initramfs 0.1.3


Detailed descriptions about building this version are contained into ugles 0.1.1 page.


In relation the previous version these following are the changes into the buildroot section:

  • Download buildroot from svn in release 24119 {2008-11-22}
  • Download this file buildroot_configs-ugles_initramfs.tar.bz2 into buildroot/dl directory
  • Download this file buildroot_rootfs-ugles.tar.gz into buildroot/dl directory
  • Enter into buildroot directory and apply the local/ugles/ugles.svnpatch patch
  • If make stops on libjpeg error then #undef NEED_BSD_STRINGS in jconfig.h and do make again
  • Customizing the root filesystem is not any more necessary


This are the list of bugs closed during the developing of these release:

  • lockfile-progs do not find rindex in string.h (6364)

This are the list of bugs discovered during the developing of these release:

  • libjpeg does not compile any more (6384)
  • libfreetype copy compiled library but not overwrite the existing (6394)
  • Removing libpng12-config when it is not necessary (ml.011822)
  • Avoiding external toolchain issues when using internal toolchain (ml.011860)
  • Do not copy initrd if it is not needed because initramfs is used (ml.011869)

in addition of those related about Midori and Xorg which are reported in their ugles-devel sections.

Compiling time

roberto@rafbook:~/ugles/buildroot$ time make

real   66m0.149s
user   44m12.330s
sys     7m6.151s
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